Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Graduation :)

So I'm not one to mix pictures of me with my art on my blog, but I figured it still relates to my work. I just recently graduated from college (yay! real world) and part of our graduation was to put on a show displaying all of our work. This here is what my booth was. The show was really a lot of fun and I was really happy on how all of my display turned out. I gave away t-shirts and other goodies with my logo on them as well as demo reels, business cards and such.


  1. Gratz! I wish I was there. Love your shirt because of your icon hehe.

  2. thanks! the shirts were a hit too. some people were asking how much i was selling them for..i should've gone that route! haha

  3. Nice Booth!! Also I want a T-shirt.